Gadgets Every Developer Needs

Gadgets Every Developer Needs

Developers have some of the highest paying jobs in the workplace, but it’s not an easy job by any means.  There are deadlines and plenty of stress you have to deal with every day.   Your job needs skills and patience and it took you a long time to land that dream job.  However there are gadgets that do make your life just a little bit easier, here are some gadgets every developer needs.


You spend a lot of time behind your computer screen so making it as comfortable as possible is a must.  Start with your mouse, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 along with an ergonomic mouse pad will make your wrists thank you.  Keyboards with programmable buttons will save you time and energy.  Now having your monitor at the right will keep your neck from getting sore, try the ProBase HD USB-C Aluminum Monitor Stand to give you everything you need.

Pomodoro Timer

Taking the right amount of breaks is crucial to productivity and the Pomodoro timer reminds you when to stop and take a breather.  You can set it for 20 or 30 minute intervals and then take a 5 minute break.  This will help you to focus and get more done in less time.  If you scoff at the idea, here is how a Pomodoro timer makes you more productive.

Smart Watch

Programmers and office workers have sedentary job and making sure that you are getting sufficient exercise isn’t always easy.  Getting a smartwatch can help with that. Not only can you track steps and your overall fitness you can install a whole bunch of apps that let you connect with the rest of the world.  It is a mini computer attached to your wrist, perfect for any developer.

Amazon Echo

An Amazon Echo is a great addition to any home or office, you can ask it questions.  Do you shopping while you work or control the TV and music while you are online doing something else.  You can connect it to other devices in your home and control them too, it’s as close as you can get to having your very own Jarvis.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Writing code takes immense concentration and it can be hard to turn off the world around you and focus.  Noise cancelling headphones can get rid of the background noise around you and just let the music you want to listen to come through.

These are just a sampling of the gadgets most programmers want or need, most will drag a smartphone, laptop and tablet behind them too.

How to Use a Smart Watch

How to Use a Smart Watch

You have just bought your first smartwatch and now it is time to set it up and get it tracking those steps.  Assuming that the model that you picked up is compatible with your brand of smartphone it is time to get the right apps to get up and running.  Various brands like Apple watch, FitBit and Pebble may have specific procedures to get set up, you can check with the manual, most work the same.  Here is how you get started.

Initial Setup

Once you have unpacked your watch and taken it out of the box it is time to connect it to the charger and charge the battery first.  While your watch is charging you can download the right app for your phone so you can connect the two.  Check with the Google Play Store or the App Store from Apple for the appropriate app and install it onto your phone.  If you are unsure which app you need then refer to your manual they will have a link there, but it shouldn’t be hard to find the right app.


Once your watch is charged and you have the right app installed then it is time to connect the two.  This is done via a Bluetooth Connection so you are going to have to go into your phone settings and turn on Bluetooth.  Give it a moment or two and then you should see your watch popup as a possible device to connect to.  Select it and wait a few minutes for the pairing to take place.  You also want to make sure that you have notifications turned on on your watch, that way you will be able to read text message with it.

Cool Apps to Go with Your Watch

If you want to do more than just read your text message or count how many steps you take in a day then you want some apps to work with your watch.  Lots of the apps you are probably already using work with your watch.  If you have an Apple Watch you can get notifications from Twitter and Instagram.  If you have a watch that works with Android then you can use IFTTT and iHeartRadio apps to work with your watch.  If you got the watch strictly to track your fitness progress then there are apps specific to that.

Once you have downloaded the apps that you want then it is time to set the notifications, you can choose which apps notify you when and how often.  You may only want notifications from Social Media apps once a day but fitness apps can alert you more often.  You effectively have a mini computer on your wrist and you can set it to work however you want.